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Warranties that Cover Real Life

Have you ever seen a carpet wear out? It doesn’t happen very often. Thanks to modern textiles and technologies, carpets don’t really wear out. That’s great if you want to keep your carpet, but if something not covered in your warranty goes wrong, or if an accident voids your warranty, you’ll be stuck with what you’ve got.

Warranties that Have Value

Home improvement stores have perfected the art of minimizing the cost of covering their warranties. If you read the fine print on most carpet warranties, you’re likely to find out that your limited warranty has more limits than warranties. At Warner Carpet One, we give you the option eliminating those limits. Even better, some of our exclusive carpet lines from companies like Lees and Karastan come with 20-or-more-year warranties that deliver incredible coverage.

Warranties that Make Sense

When you work with Warner Carpet One, we want you to understand how to get the most out of your new flooring. We’ll go over all warranty verbiage with you personally and give you a copy. Some of our warranties are optional, and some are built-in and come standard with your carpet. No one in the local market can match the variety and flexibility of warranty options that we give our customers at Warner Carpet One. We spend time with our clients, we offer advice, and we stay accessible even after installation.

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