Carpet Financing

carpet financing

Have you thought about financing your flooring?

Even though carpets last longer than cars, people give them a whole lot less consideration. Maybe that’s because they’re not as fun as cars, but your carpet can say an awful lot about you, your sense of style, and your lifestyle. Since your carpet will get up close and personal with every member of your family (especially the 4-legged ones), it’s important that you get the right one. We’d rather sell you a just-right carpet that lasts 50 years than 5 carpets that only last 10 years. That’s because we’re in the business of delighting our customers.

Why finance carpeting?

The price difference between high-end and low-end carpets is usually small. If you’re forced to shop according to price, it might not be the right time to invest in your floor covering. When the time is right, financing can make payment easier, and it can remove all barriers to getting the kind of carpet that will work for your lifestyle and that you’ll actually like. To help, we offer flexible financing options from Synchrony, along with straightforward answers about their financing programs.

Only a rich person can afford a cheap carpet.

This is actually better for you than it sounds. The good news is, the total price difference between high-end and low-end carpets is rarely more than a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, people sometimes rely completely on the square-foot sticker to make their decision. By financing, you can go beyond the sticker and get a whole lot more out of your flooring for a few more dollars a month. It allows us to fit you with the right carpet for your lifestyle and family. You’ll enjoy it yourself, and when you sell your house, your carpets will better reflect the value of your home.

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