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carpet installation

Your carpet installer makes all the difference.

When you buy a carpet, you’re actually buying 2 things: carpet and installation. One you can see up front. The other you can’t. Only Warner Carpet One backs up the quality of our carpets with installation that’s guaranteed for a lifetime. We don’t just carry exclusive product lines; we also deliver them with world-class specialized carpet installation in Charlotte, NC so you get maximum beauty and value. With us, you’ll never regret choosing your installer before you choose your carpet.

Warner Carpet One is a Specialty Store in Charlotte, NC.

The best carpet won’t look great if it’s in the hands of the wrong installer. Our whole business is flooring, and it’s been that way for 90 years! We have dedicated installation crews with unique, established specializations. Since different carpets require different skill levels, we assign our installers to the projects they’re good at. Some of our installers are even second-generation contractors with our company!

Buying carpet is about numbers.

Price matters when you’re buying flooring, but measurement might matter even more when it comes to flooring installation. We encourage you to schedule a measurement before you even start looking at carpet samples. A professional installer will measure your space, listen to what you’re hoping to get, and answer your questions. He’ll also be able to give you turnkey pricing and work around any issues that might complicate your install.

When you have accurate measurements and access to our huge selection, you get to shop like an engineer. The process is simplified when we understand your space, narrowing down the options is easy, and a 15-minute talk can save you hours or weeks of headaches. Why trust the advice of someone who’s never seen your house? Measurements can usually be scheduled within 48 hours of your call.

But big stores carpet millions of houses.

You’d think so, but most of them actually just sell the carpet. Big-box stores and decorating houses make their profits on materials and outsource installation to the lowest bidder. The store might not even know who did your installation when it’s finished.

When they do it wrong, you’re stuck with it.

If we do it wrong, we fix it.

Warner’s is accountable.

You have our number and we stand behind our work. Warner Carpet One doesn’t just offer a manufacturer’s warranty; we offer a lifetime installation warranty. That means if anything ever goes wrong with your installation, we’ll be there to fix it. In 90 years of local business, we’ve had less than a one-tenth-of-one-percent complaint ratio. 90 years! That’s quality you can count on. Big-name stores sell millions of carpets, but they’ve also earned complaint rates up to 35%!

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