Carpet Restoration

Since carpets rarely wear out, the most common problems that happen with them are related to improper installation, wrinkles, and broken seams. By now you probably know that we think carpet installation is even more important than which carpet you have. But in cases where the carpet is already installed and needs to be fixed, we can help.

Each carpet repair is unique.

Carpet repairs are hard to quote, and they can get expensive. The cost is based on the time a repair person spends working on your carpet, and that depends on the nature of the problem, the kind of carpet, and how well it’s been maintained. We save you time and money by evaluating your problem before we make the service trip.

Let us take a look.

If you need part of your carpet repaired in Charlotte, NC, whether we installed it or not, we ask that you text us a picture of the damaged area. We’ll take a look, find out what’s actually wrong, and assign the repair to the right installer. That way, we save our repair providers a trip and save you money by quoting the project accurately and sending out the right repairperson the first time. Better yet, we allow our trusted contractors to bill you directly. Instead of marking up the work, we just get out of the middle of the transaction.

We take emergency calls.

As a specialty store, we have the experience to take care of damage and all kinds of other issues with our flooring. Eighteen insurance companies rely on Warner Carpet One to resolve flooring damage after floods, fires, and natural disasters. We can even do repairs on hardwood floors even though we no longer sell hardwood flooring. If we can’t help you, we’ll connect you with a skilled and qualified professional who can.

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