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Custom Carpet Sizes

Custom does not have to mean expensive. Sizing is simply part of our process at Warner Carpet One. It might help to think of us as a fabric store for floors. It’s your job to tell us what you need. It’s our job to make sure it’s delivered properly.

That’s why we want your first step to be to schedule a professional measurement with Warner Carpet One. We’ll visit your home, take meticulous measurements, and learn about what you envision for the space. Having exact details lets us quote not just the cost of coverage based on carpet square footage, but actual (turnkey) installed pricing! You’d think that kind of clear pricing would be a no-brainer, but after 90 years in business, we know it’s not the norm.

Without the right measurements, you won’t get a good installation. If you don’t get a good installation, you’re not going to love your carpet. If you don’t love your carpet, well, it depends. Let’s just hope you’re working with Warner Carpet One if you end up in that situation.

Bad measurements are expensive.

Measuring might be simple, but when you’re making an investment in your home, you want a professional who’s going to triple-check the math before they start cutting materials. Other stores either charge for measuring or don’t take accurate measurements. Inaccurate measurements lead to lower-quality installation, wasted material, and extra trips to the warehouse. If your contractor over-estimates, you over-pay.

Custom Rug Sizes

What if you find the perfect carpet, but you only want the coverage that comes with a rug? At Warner Carpet One, that’s a great situation to be in. We have the equipment and materials to make any carpet into a rug, and you won’t pay a custom price. A rug is just a section of carpet with a few extra, carefully applied features, and we don’t think you should pay a high premium for that.

If you need a traditional, unique, or custom rug at the best local price, visit us at Warner Carpet One.

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