Professional Rug Cleaning

rug cleaning

STEP 1: Inspection

Once your rugs arrive at the cleaning facility, the rug, face, back, sides, and fringe are all carefully inspected.


rug cleaning

 STEP 2: Dust and Vacuum

After inspection, your rug is vacuumed and put through a dusting machine. This exclusive process starts with the machine that gently shakes your rugs to remove the sand, soil, and other loose matter that accumulates over the years.

rug cleaning

 STEP 3: Hand Washing

After dusting, the hand washing process begins. Both the back and front of your rugs are carefully hand washed. This process ensures the removal of most common odors and residues, and it keeps the rugs looking as good as new.

rug cleaning

STEP 4: Centrifuge Pre-Dry

After washing is complete, the use of an exclusive centrifuge process extracts excess water from your rugs.

rug cleaning

 STEP 5: Controlled Dry

Then, your rugs are hung in a drying room. This dries your rugs in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for 6-12 hours.

rug cleaning

 STEP 6: Final Touches

After drying is complete, your rugs are brushed and vacuumed. At this point, there is a final inspection to make sure small stains were not missed.

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